Dear Parents/Guardians,

You may see your child’s progress report from your SKYWARD family access.

Please follow the instructions below:

Dear parents/guardians,

You can download your child’s progress report and report card from your skyward account.

  1. Parents need login: https://skyward.iscorp.com/ScienceTechTXStuSTS

  1. Parents should place their username and password (Not student’s credentials). If you need help with that, please reach out to your homeroom teachers. If you don’t know it, click on forgot your username or password, the reset link will be sent to your email account you placed into the skyward.

  2. Parents need to go to Portfolio under family access!

  3. You may download the progress report.

Always, you can see this information from our parent portal at


Dear Parents,

Please reach out to your child’s teacher if you have any questions about your child’s grades.