From the first day, we opened our schools, we always placed a great emphasis on character education in our schools.

Our core ethical values at SST Sugar Land were chosen all together.

We would like to build our community altogether!

We built ouR.-C.I.R.L. together which represents the followings:

R: Responsibility: We will do what we are expected to do and we will accept the consequences of our actions

C: Caring: We will feel and we will show concern for something and we will always put an extra effort into this!

I: Integrity: We will do the right thing no matter what!

R: Respectfulness: We will interact with others in a way that shows we care about their

well-being and how they feel! We will be respectful to all creatures.

L: Leadership: We will try our hardest to help others and participate in helping our community.

We are going to build this loving and caring learning community together by sticking to our core ethical core values.

We will be highlighting our core ethical values daily!