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  • 11,100+ Students
  • 100% College Acceptance
  • 100% Graduation Rate

Why SST?


From the first day, we opened our schools, we always placed a great emphasis on character education in our schools.
Our core ethical values at SST Sugar Land were chosen all together.
We would like to build our community altogether!
We built ouR.-C.I.R.L. together which represents the followings:

R: Respectfulness

R: Respectfulness: We will interact with others in a way that shows we care about their well-being and how they feel! We will be respectful to all creatures.

STEM For All

Every student will graduate with a strong understanding and appreciation of STEM and how it connects to the real world

News & Announcements

DA#2- District Assessment 2 is on the Way! December 4th-8th, 2023. Featured Photo

DA#2- District Assessment 2 is on the Way! December 4th-8th, 2023.

Dear SST Sugar Land Parents, As the imminent District Assessment 2 (DA#2) approaches, we want to highlight the importance of your support in ensuring a smooth testing experience for our students. The DA#2 is designed to assess the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) that students have acquired throughout the Fall Semester. Below is the schedule for the testing days:

Mission Statement

School of Science and Technology Sugar Land drives academic and social-emotional development through a rigorous college preparatory STEM-based learning model. Our model is anchored in 21st-century skills, embraced by a character-building approach, and delivered in an enriching, safe, and student-centered learning environment.