Debate Team Tournament

SST Sugar Land. Thank you Ms. Franklin for leading the Debate Club to Compete and Winnings. Thank you to our wonderful parents who volunteered and went with students for moral support, we value you!!
We are so proud of all the students who participated. Please click more for names and positions. 
Academic's Department,
  • Congressional Debate:
  1. Carla Rodriguez-  8th grade-Finalist
  • Impromptu Debate:
  1. Remilekun Olundegun - 7th Grade- 2nd
  2. Carla Rodiguez              8th Grade-  3rd
  3. Kamsiyochukwu Anozie-7th Grade -  3rd
  • Vocal Solo:
  1. Nayla Hussain              -  7th Grade - 2nd 
  2. Oluwafeyiyemi               - 8th Grade - 3rd
  • Original Oratory :
  1. Khevna Patel:  - 6th Grade - 3rd
  • TV Commercial:
  1. James Hurley   - 5th Grade - 3rd.     a