NWEA MAP Testing (August 22 - September 1)


Here is some advice for our parents about testing!
                   The Night Before the Testing:
·Visualization: Have a conversation with your child about what the day will look like.
·Get a good night's sleep. Kids need a full 8 hours of sleep.
·Self-Talk: Give your child a few phrases that can motivate him/her "I just need to do my best!"        "I can do it." "Stay cool."
·Answer any fears or questions your child might have.
·Prepare your child’s snacks, pencils, clothes, etc. the night before.
·Remind your child to remain focused and not to talk or disrupt during the test.

On The Testing Day

·         Eat a good, healthy breakfast.
·         Do relaxing activities like taking deep breaths, tensing muscles, and then relaxing them,                talking about something unrelated to the test.
·         Arrive at school on time.
·         Wear layers to feel comfortable at any temperature.
·         Remain calm and positive. We know you can do it!